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Reading List

What I Have Read

My goal is to read a book a week. There are so many good spiritual recovery books, where do I begin? I guess, I will begin with what people mail me!!

Thank you to everyone that is taking the time to mail in books to read. There are NO recovery books in prison! Below are a bunch of book titles that are well known in the recovery world. If you can, go ahead and mail in one... or two...

These are the books I read in May 2024

         Hated it! Waited for something good to happen. Never did!

I love WWII books about the women. This book is set during the Vietnam War and was phenomenal!  


This is a very helpful book when working the steps. 

Well written. Good Story.

These are the books I read in June 2024.

Someone mailed me three of these! It is truly the best book. I gave away all of my other recovery books. I just need this one!

One day book. Easy Read.

Tough to read. Then heard the truth and was disappointed. 

Good book. Can’t go wrong with James Patterson. 

Good book. Can’t go wrong with Stephen King LOL!

Love, love, loved this book! 

Recommended by someone I respect. Not something I would have picked but I enjoyed it. 

Ahhhh! Someone sent this book who knew I needed a palate cleanser. Thank you! Very much! 

Really enjoyed this book. You can see inside the criminal, the case, and the results. 

Date Finished         Title                                                            Author

6/2                      A Rip in Heaven                                            Jeannie Cummings (sp)

6/5                      The Women                                                  Kristen Hannah

6/6                       Verity                                                             Colleen Hoover

6/10                     A Million Little Pieces                                James Frey

6/14                     Lost                                                               James Patterson/James O Born

6/20                     Revival                                                         Stephen King

6/21                     The Many Lives of Mama Love               Lara Love Hardin

6/23                     The Alchemist                                           Paulo Coelho

6/26                     A Little Ray of Sunshine                         Kristan Higgins

These are the books I read in July 2024.

My goal was to read some classics here. Does this count? 

Lots of Coelho books here. I will read one each month!

I guess my reading taste is not up to Pulitzer Prize standards. 

??? More interested in researching authors. Used an encyclopedia!

Read 42 chapters over 6 weeks for a class. 

Surprised how much I enjoyed this. 

A great read-in-one-sitting novel. At least a dozen women saw me reading this book and told me how much they enjoyed it. 

My daily read. It used to be 24 Hours a Day. 

Was my daily read. 

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